New Product

Spoon equipped with sensors to counterbalance tremors

December 12, 2016 0

Liftware has launched a new smart electronic spoon in the marketplace to help minimize spilling of food by people with uncontrolled hand tremors. The new utensil, called Liftware Level, is the second product launched by […]


Motion sensor

September 11, 2016 0

Motion sensors are the sensor devices that are used to detect moving objects. Normally, the motion sensors are incorporated with an automated system that performs a task or alert a user in case of detection […]

Internet of Things

Kionix announced new 6-axis accel-gyro combo sensors

August 15, 2016 0

Kionix recently announced two new 6-axis Accelerometer-Gyroscope combos: KXG07 and KXG08. The new combos dramatically lower the power consumption of the gyroscope with the incorporation of proprietary technology. KXG08 is packaged in a 2.5mm x […]

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