ULIS develops new thermal image sensor for large-volume application

Credit: ULIS.

ULIS, a producer of advanced thermal image sensors for defense and mainstream commercial applications, recently launched 80×80 pixel Micro80 Gen2 multifunctional thermal image sensor for large volume applications.
It uses new packaging solutions by being the first Ball Grid Array (BGA) infrared sensor box packaged in a JEDEC tray and is designed using a Unique Wafer Level Packaging (UWLP) with vacuum technology. Micro80 Gen2 addresses the needs of large-volume production processes. This new image sensor can be easily integrated into assembly processes for mass production.
“These new and improved features of the Micro80 Gen2 address the needs of large- volume production processes. This means that it is not only ideal for the small-resolution thermography and short-distance surveillance markets, but can also open up new industries for ULIS,” said Cyrille Trouilleau, product manager at ULIS. “The introduction of these novel characteristics is the first step towards the widespread use of thermal sensors in smart building management systems.”
This new thermal image sensor could distinguish humans from animals or robots. It has shown a high potential for occupancy detection application in smart building management systems, amongst other commercial applications.

Here are some key features of Micro80 Gen2.

Find more information at: ULIS.

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