Spoon equipped with sensors to counterbalance tremors

Credit: Liftware.

Liftware has launched a new smart electronic spoon in the marketplace to help minimize spilling of food by people with uncontrolled hand tremors.

The new utensil, called Liftware Level, is the second product launched by Google-owned Liftware, and is designed to assist people who are unable to control their hand movements.

One end of the utensil has a strap that can be attached to the user’s hand to prevent it from falling. The opposite end contains a smart sensor which helps the Level recognize the orientation of the user’s hand and actively cancels the effects of their movements by changing its own structure such that the food remains level.

This active counterbalancing technique employs motion sensors and a built-in chip, a huge advantage over the Level’s rivals that have relied on manual functionality. Liftware claims that the Level is able to reduce tremor-related food spillage by more than 70 percent.

Priced at $195, Level is currently available for pre-order at Liftware’s website, and additional fork and spoon attachments are also available.

Details of Level’s functionality are not available, but it is expected that Liftware has utilized exciting techniques in this space. Despite being the second product of the company, Level is the first electronic spoon released by Liftware since its acquisition by Google in September 2014, which has put the might of the world’s largest search giant behind the company.

In addition to Level, Lift Labs has also developed an app for Android and Apple called Lift Pulse, which, using the phone’s built-in accelerometer, records the motion data from hand tremors. With software such as Lift Pulse, the device could possibly become an eating implement which could be customized to suit the unique needs of individual users.

More information can be found at: LIFTWARE.

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