Sensor technologies help parents look after baby’s sleep and comfort

Credit: DockATot.

DockATot is a baby-monitoring lounger that has become very popular among parents, and DockATot’s manufacturers have just released a new companion product, CloudTot, which allows parents to keep an even closer eye on their baby. The new device has sensors that monitor temperature, humidity and dampness, and breathing movement, and is also equipped with a mic and speaker. In this way the CloudTot, which functions as an internal pad for DockATot, allows parents to look after their baby remotely.

The device works in combination with an app for Android or iOS which “alerts parents when no motion has been detected for 12 seconds,” allowing parents to safely and remotely monitor their baby’s sleep. In this way the Baby Awakening System gives parents an extra hand in looking after their newborn by detecting any activity, also allowing them to hear if the baby is crying with a sound-detecting mic.

According to a CloudTot representative “CloudTot’s patent-pending moisture detection capability uses conductive fabric interwoven into the external mattress cover. When the fabric is dampened by a liquid, the circuit is disrupted and a notice is sent to the processor that there has been a change of status” which then sends an alert to the app upon detection of “even a drop of moisture … so as to keep baby dry and comfortable and the pad from being soaked all night.” This is one of the unique and useful features of the device, and provides capability not offered by many other products on the market.

Plastic covering ensures easy clean up if your baby does wet the bed. “To wash the product, one needs to remove electronic pieces and then the whole internal part is washable,” according to a product representative. This means that while certain components of the device are not waterproof, the non-electronic parts can be easily removed which makes washing straightforward. For those new to parenting the device can be a big help and might be just what you need.

More information can be found at: DockATot.

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