Sensor calculates baby’s milk consumption in real time

Credit: Momsense Inc.

Momsense, a company aimed at supporting breastfeeding women, has designed a groundbreaking smart meter to measure and monitor a baby’s milk consumption in real time. This wearable technology will help nursing mothers be at peace with the knowledge of their baby’s milk intake, boosting their confidence in the precious first few months of the baby’s life.

According to research, 80% of mothers choose to breastfeed their newborn baby. However, once the baby reaches the age of 4-6 weeks, 50% of these women stop nursing primarily because they believe the baby is not being provided with sufficient milk. Therefore, this cutting-edge solution is vital as it empowers nursing mothers with increased knowledge of their baby’s milk consumption.

“Breastfeeding is a significant period for both mother and baby. We want to create a breastfeeding experience that gives mother a sense of calm and confidence, and so encourages her to continue breastfeeding and benefit from it,” says CEO Momsense Dr. Osnat Emanuel.

The company is a tech start-up founded by Izhak Nakar (the acting Executive Chairman), and its board includes seasoned entrepreneurs such as Dr. Emanuel, who has experience in creating interactive technologies for babies.

The Smart Breastfeeding Meter employs a user-friendly app and an earphone set embedded with a baby-safe sensor which enables mothers to listen to their baby’s swallowing sounds. These swallowing sounds are distinguished from ordinary sounds of the baby via a unique audio signal, and the Momsense smart meter is able to measure the quantity of milk consumed by the baby using a complex analysis.

The algorithm used in this technology comprises of a database created from numerous documented nursing events in the Momsense laboratory. The resulting quantities of milk consumed are then compared with recorded changes in the baby’s weight directly after feeding (the current medical standard for calculating the amount of milk consumed).

Momsense is able to compute an optimal assessment of the quantity of milk consumed, thus adding value and helping mothers prolong their nursing time.

The analysis of the feeding results can be done offline (flight-mode is recommended) using any smart device, and the app can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play using a characteristic product code found in each package.

The app also aids in tracking and reporting nursing patterns over time, records the baby’s voice in a baby album for sharing with loved ones, and gives helpful breastfeeding tips to boost mothers’ confidence.

Momsense has filled the void in the contemporary market where tech- savvy mothers demand more information and control when breastfeeding their babies. According to Izhak Nakar, “Momsense delivers to an essential need and will drive a new paradigm of women continuing to nurse their babies for longer.”

More information can be found at: Momsense Inc.

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