Panasonic’s IR array sensors provide thermal sensing solutions

Panasonic Corporation recently developed a thermal sensation estimation method using the infrared array sensor Grid-EYE. This new thermal sensation estimation method is a technology that are able to detect the human sensations of temperature by calculating heat loss based on the difference between human surface temperature and ambient temperature.

Panasonic’s thermal sensing solutions provide a super-resolution algorithm to measure the temperature distribution and detect objects using infrared array sensor Grid-EYE. Besides, Panasonic has developed unique software that maximizes performance and can be used for various applications.

The thermal sensing solutions can improve energy conservation and comfort when they are used for air conditioning for homes, offices and vehicles. They can also be used to detect a person in nursing and monitoring applications and diagnose abnormalities in facility devices, servers, datacenters, etc.

The below video explains how a Grid-EYE infrared array sensor works:


More information can be found at: Panasonic Corporation

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