Panasonic announces new ‘Motion Sensing Unit’ for Robots

Credit: Panasonic Corporation

Panasonic Corporation recently announced a “Motion Sensing Unit” that can detect orientation and estimate position for robot applications. This new motion sensing unit has built-in acceleration and gyro sensors and can detect the motion of an object. Other than acceleration sensor and a gyro sensor, this new unit also incorporates Panasonic’s algorithms to enable accurate detection of orientation and position.

There are two technologies used in this new unit. The first one is algorithm technology to optimize sensor combination. The second is technology for high-precision processing of silicon MEMS sensing elements. The acceleration sensor and gyro sensor are processed using MEMS technology.

With the increase of aging populations, the market for robotics is growing rapidly. For robotics, it is necessary to detect orientation and position with high accuracy. And this newly motion sensing unit developed by Panasonic Corporation enables high-precision sensing with rapid and accurate control.

More information can be found at: Panasonic Corporation

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