New fingerprint sensor controls multiple smart devices

Credit: Tapdo.

While fingerprint sensors have resulted in faster unlocking of phones in comparison to entering a PIN code or password, a new wearable fingerprint scanner called Tapdo now allows users to map different parts of their hands to a variety of shortcuts for different smart devices.

Tapdo connects to both Android and iOS mobile devices via Bluetooth LE. Just like fingerprint sensors, it has a haptic feedback that lets users know of successful or unsuccessful attempts at reading biometrics. However, unlike traditional fingerprint sensors, Tapdo is worn as a wristband or a clip-on button, which are included in its $100 price tag.

“One of our founders developed the innovative interaction concept through his Ph.D. studies in human-computer interaction,” said Irina Reimer, Tapdo’s campaign manager. She added that people used numerous apps on their smartphones everyday without being able to control these apps simultaneously. “This is the problem Tapdo solves. Using different parts of your hand makes interaction fast, intuitive, and discreet,” she said.

The campaign manager maintained that with Tapdo, different components of a smart home, such as Philips Hue Lights, music players and smart locks, could be manipulated using different fingers. A total of 20 functions are available with Tapdo along with IFTTT integration. This would require some memorization if users map the maximum number of shortcuts to their hand, but the smart concept could work well provided the touch sensor is at par with more established offerings.

“In February, we will launch a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter. As development is going to be finished by then, the campaign has the aim to start with the first mass-production batch.” Reimer said.

She added that production was planned in spring after the campaign so that initial shipping for pre-orders could start in summer. The product will initially be available in Europe and U.S.

More information can be found at: Tapdo.

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