New electrophotonic biosensor speeds up blood diagnosis

A Research team at University of York has developed a new biosensor combining light and electricity for the detection of multiple proteins and enzymes in a small drop of blood. This research could help speed up blood test analysis.

Particular proteins have been used for the diagnosis of certain diseases. Existing testing method usually require a sample of blood from patient, but each time only one type of protein can be identified per sample. The biosensor developed in this work enables researchers to detect multiple disease biomarkers at one time from small drop of blood. The combination of photonic and electrochemical characterizations provide quantitative information for the analysis.

“Not only can this new technology speed the process up, but it can test for a number of proteins and enzymes together in just one sample, increasing the chances of a successful and timely diagnosis.” Said Professor Thomas Krauss, at the University of York’s Department of Physics.

Jose Juan Colas, PhD student, who conducted the research at the University’s Department of Electronics, added: “This new diagnostic technique could have many applications and really pushes us forward in how we think about developing technologies for the future.”

More information could be found at: University of York.

Reference: The electrophotonic silicon biosensor

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