New blood pressure sensor simplifies blood pressure measurement

Valencell, a US based biometrics company, recently invented a new pressure sensor technology that will potentially make blood pressure measurement very simple.

The prototype that Valencell shows in below video is based on their core technology, active signal characterization. The prototype device has a size similar to a smartphone as the company believes that the pressure sensor will eventually be incorporated into a smartphone. One can simply do a blood pressure measurement as simple as using a fingerprint sensor.

“The core technology for estimating blood pressure with an optical biometric sensor is based on patented active signal characterization technology, where we extract pulsatile blood flow information from noise and characterize the blood flow information to estimate blood pressure. Over the years, we have built upon our core heart rate monitoring technology to accurately estimate physiological parameters, such as blood pressure and cardiovascular health assessments.” Dr. Steven LeBoeuf, president of Valencell, said.

Once a finger is placed on the sensor, the measurement starts and a waveform signal is captured by the sensor. You can clearly see systolic pressure value at the top and diastolic pressure value at the bottom. It only takes 30 seconds to generate an estimate of a blood pressure. According to its creators, this technology has gone through extremely rigorous validation testing, based on hundreds of different datasets. Eventually this technology will allow you to turn a smartphone into a blood pressure monitor.

“The public health impact is substantial — as with our core technology smartphone users can readily estimate their blood pressure throughout the course of a day, giving them a better assessment of their general wellness,” LeBoeuf said. “The idea of using light to estimate blood pressure has been in the public discourse for some time. There have also been attempts to estimate blood pressure from camera phone data. However, to the best of our knowledge, a scientifically validated solution has not been available to the public.”

Valencell’s pressure sensor is not available on market yet, although the prototype has demonstrated the sensor concept. The company hopes that a device maker will license to the technology and can incorporate it into a smartphone or wearable device. Besides, the company is also developing a stand-alone solution aimed at hospitals and they’ll seek FDA approval for this solution.

More information can be found at: Digital Trends.

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