Melexis has new pressure sensor for tire pressure monitoring

Melexis recently develops a new product MLX91804, which has a 60% smaller footprint and lower power consumption than other competing tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) ICs available on the market.

The new product MLX91804 is offered in 14-pin DFN package and it is incorporated with a microcontroller and MEMS-based pressure sensing element. It also combines 315/433MHz wireless transmitter and 125kHz receiver for signal communication. Besides, a single or dual axis high-g range accelerometer is built in to provide auto-location functionalities.

The new product offers minimal footprint with high level of integration and low power consumption features. New features are possible to be implemented due to the best in class precision and fast pressure measurement with low power consumption. Besides, MLX91804 can be operated in temperature range from -40°C to 125°C and has strong resilience to shock (10000g).

“Monitoring tire pressure is now an essential part of modern vehicle design,” sayss Ivan Zagan, Product Manager at Melexis. “Global uptake of TPMS is increasing all the time, driven by international regulations and increasing emphasis on the safety of road users. The attributes shown by the MLX91804 will facilitate the next generation of TPMS deployment in automobiles, as it needs just half the board real estate and delivers 3 times lower sleep mode power consumption figures than ICs from rival vendors.” “This cutting-edge device will enable more compact solutions with greater functionality and improved energy efficiency, in line with vehicle manufacturers’ growing expectations. We are pleased to see a growing interest among major players for this technology.” he concludes.

More information can be found at: Melexis.

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