Market report on gas sensor: technology and application

Both gas sensing technologies and their applications have existed for long time. And the use of gas sensors for applications in industrial environment, for defense and patient ventilation control is quite mature already.

Analysts at Yole Developpement believe that gas sensing is becoming a more and more important topic mainly due to the concern over air quality, the emergence of new regulation and development of new technology.

There is no universal technological solution to be used in all possible applications. So sensors manufacturers usually build a portfolio of different technologies to address the market needs.

In this report, Gas Sensor Technology & Market, Yole has proposed a comprehensive overview of the gas sensor industry and summarized the technologies used and their applications. The company proposes a relevant analysis of the current and future gas sensing technologies and related worldwide organizations with a detailed technology roadmap. The report also mentions MEMS technology as a new manufacturing platform that allows many benefits such as further miniaturization of existing technologies.

New companies in gas sensing bring very innovative approaches based on existing MEMS and integration platforms. These companies are often fabless, collaborating with a foundry partner for volume production. Therefore, gas sensors can create new opportunities for semiconductor and MEMS front-end foundries looking for more business.

Credit: Yole Développement

More information can be found at: Yole Développement

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