Lenovo’s Yoga 910 Comes Secured with Synaptics Natural ID Fingerprint Sensor

Synaptics Incorporated today introduces the Natural IDTM fingerprint sensor that comes as one of the features of Lenovo’s convertible laptop, the Yoga 910. As one of the leaders in human interface technology, Synaptics designed the Natural ID fingerprint sensors with security and accessibility in mind. The sensor adds one-touch secure login to the Yoga 910 with enterprise-grade security.

Lenovo’s Yoga 910 comes with an elegant and highly responsive 13.9” touchscreen with a watchband hinge. The special hinge allows the user to rotate the Yoga 910’s display in angles that suits his or her needs. The convertible PC also features a button-free ClickPad touchpad and a high-quality keyboard. But it seems the most head-turning feature of the PC is its fingerprint sensor. Using Microsoft Windows Hello, the user can quickly log onto the Yoga 910 with a simple touch. This is made possible through Synaptics’ FIDO Certified fingerprint sensor. The ClearPad® touchscreen controller and ClickPad® solutions are also featured on the Yoga 910, all products of Synaptics.

Security of the fingerprint sensor is ensured by SentryPoint technology. In this Synaptics technology, biometric information is securely stored on a dedicated memory instead of a central database. Strong encryption is another strong point of this device. The communication between the sensor and the sensor is made secure through cutting-edge TLS 1.2 protocol.

Lenovo executive Johnson Jia hopes that customers will now move away from pin codes and passwords and will use biometric sensors instead. Experts agree that biometric login is far more secure compared to traditional pin and password logins. Jia, the senior vice president for PC and Smart Device Business Group, adds that enterprise-grade biometric sensor is the way to stronger authentication.

Synaptics senior vice president and general manager for Human Interface Systems Division Huibert Verhoeven is well aware of the important transactions that users do with their PC. “Expectations are that the PC has a higher standard of security. By leveraging Synaptics’s Natural ID on the Lenovo Yoga 910, Synaptics is accelerating the adoption of more secure biometric fingerprint authentication.”


More information can be found at: Synaptics


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