Infineon develops new highly integrated hall sensors

Credit: Infineon Technologies

Infineon Technologies just announced their new Hall sensors for automotive, industrial and consumer electronics. The new hall sensors, TLx496x family, have compact designs and are cost-effective. They are highly integrated and have very low power consumption.

The new sensors are available as latch and switch-type sensors. They consume no more than 1.6mA and 50% lower power consumption compared to other products. TLx496x Hall sensors also reduce system costs. Two to four of the previously needed passive components are now redundant so the new development helps reduce the space they use on the circuit board.

All of the TLx496x Hall sensors – switches and latches – have an integrated Hall element, a voltage regulator, choppers, an oscillator and an output driver. The voltage regulator powers the Hall element and the active circuits. The chopper ensures that the temperature remains stable and minimizes the effects of process fluctuations. The new hall sensors switch very precisely over the entire specified temperature range and total lifespan.

In TLx496x family,
TLE496x is optimized for 5-Volt systems for automotive applications;
TLI496x is optimized for 5-Volt systems for industrial applications;
TLV496x is optimized for cost-sensitive consumer electronics.

More information can be found at: Infineon Technologies.

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