GeniCan’s smart sensor keeps your grocery list updated in real-time

Credit: GeniCan.

Developments in sensor technology are revolutionizing everyday life in many ways, and Rob Griffin, inventor of GeniCan, is hoping his innovation does the same for updating your grocery list. The device can be fitted to your garbage can, and before binning something the user scans the product’s barcode to wirelessly add the item to their shopping list.

What’s more, the user can also choose to use GeniCan to automatically order a replacement product (GeniCan has an arrangement with the Amazon Dash Replenishment Service,). Perhaps the most impressive feature of the device, however, is the way is recognises items without a barcode – all the user has to do is hold the item in front of the device and use a voice command to tell the device what to do with the information it gathers on the item. In order to prevent unintentional scanning, the device is designed to only register an item that has been held up to it or when it has been issued a voice command.

This information is then relayed to the GeniCan app (available on Android and iOS, with plans to release on Windows Mobile). From the app multiple users can view the list across multiple devices, meaning that everyone can stay involved with what needs to be bought. The app also lets users change the list, even enabling the same barcode scanning and voice command functionality as the garbage can sensor component of the system.

Griffin explained his motivation for developing the product: “I was on a work conference call when my wife called and asked me to text her a photo of the grocery list. How often do we go to the store without a list and end up buying things we don’t need, or worse, forgetting to buy essentials? I knew there had to be a better way than scribbling on a piece of paper, or using an app that you never update and can’t share with the family. That’s why I invented GeniCan.”

Dave Pestka, cofounder of GeniCan, continued: “We’re thrilled to offer a solution to a pain point most families and households are confronted with. In addition to saving user’s time, GeniCan has the added benefit of saving them money, since shopping with a list and sticking to it is proven to help save money at the store, while reducing the number of trips. Our partnership with Amazon also provides an alternative option for time-crunched families, allowing them to have essentials delivered and skip the trip to the store altogether.”

One of GeniCan’s best selling points is that it aids the user at the right place and right time – allowing hands-free updating of a grocery list exactly when supplies are on the user’s mind. Its power source of four Duracell AA batteries will power the device for up to a year, and it comes with batteries included. GeniCan was launched at the CES 2017 trade show in Las Vegas on January 5 and the company are now taking pre-orders. The company has come a long way in a short time – Prestka and Griffin started the project in December 2014 and raised $7,800 on Indiegogo.

More information can be found at: GeniCan.

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