Disposable liquid flow sensors to improve patient treatment

Credit: Sensirion.

In the past, measuring low flow rates securely, precisely and reliably in the medical environment has never been this easy. However, the disposable liquid flow sensors of the LD20 series will now be able to measure flow rates directly and at the point-of-interest, resulting in increased effectiveness of patient treatment and improved safety.

The demand for smart medical devices has increased thanks to the contemporary trends of point-of-care testing, complex drug administering, patient compliance and wearable designs. The new technology helps in easier monitoring and control of drug delivery which can be measured more precisely and in real time using the sensors in the LD20 series, resulting in more effective drug therapies.

The LD20 liquid flow sensor series also enable manufacturers of medical devices to enhance the safety, performance and reliability of their products for the benefit of patients and care givers.

Apart from the medical industry, the LD20 series can also be used in high volume applications in the life-science and food industry. It combines the proven liquid flow-sensing technology of Sensirion with a disposable and cost-effective design.

To achieve an optimized cost, the LD20 series reduce the flow sensor to its bare minimum without compromising on the easy fluidic, electrical and mechanical connections. Security is ensured by the standard luer lock fittings which also provide straight-forward integration into the fluidic line such as into the catheter or infusion set.

The inert wetted materials ensure exceptional chemical resistance and excellent media compatibility. Using this technology, the bidirectional measurement of flow rates can reliably be measured from 1200 ml/h down to single-digit readings. Moreover, the sensor is also able to detect common failure modes in liquid flow-sensing technologies such as free flow, occlusions and air bubbles with unprecedented speed and sensitivity.


Here is a video for this disposable liquid flow sensor:


More information can be found at: Sensirion

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