Cost-effective and portable detection of gunpowder now possible with sensor from US startup

A US company is revolutionizing firearms security. Sensor Solutions, based in Orange County, Ca., is finishing its design of a portable gunpowder detector that can detect gunpowder (used in firearms and explosives) from great distances, and even through other materials such as the trunk of a car. The company has been working on the technology for some time now, and their prototype can detect gunpowder from 9ft away, giving security personnel the opportunity to identify threats in advance.

Now they are working on making the device more user-friendly and completely digitized, and also portable enough to make it convenient. The company have had extensive input from law enforcement and other security organizations. Furthermore, they are working on improving the technology to make it integrate with other devices such as wearables and entry-monitoring solutions.

The company have bee successful with a previous product, the The LifeGuard™ assists in searches from survivors of building collapses and earthquakes.

Existing gunpowder detectors are expensive and unwieldy, only used in places like airports and buildings, for example. So Sensor Solutions wants to leverage technology to allow this security measure to be deployed cheaper and in a wider range of contexts.

The sensor works by detecting and measuring electrical fields, and as gunpowder has a unique electric field this enables the device be pointed at a target area and send readings and notify the user of the low-frequency fields that match gunpowder.

The company is run by a team experienced in the Armed forces, the technology industry, and research and development. They have been working on the device for a few years, and are looking to make their next major milestone of incorporating all the technology mentioned above, while also expanding their development team and testing process, and also building out their production setup. Sensor Solutions is looking for input, support and feedback from anyone interest in the technology, whether they are planning to purchase the technology or not. In fact, by donating $1000 through their Indiegogo campaign you could be selected as one of the testers of the device.

The company have stated heir goal is to have a user-friendly version of the device developed in the next 6 months. It is an exciting goal for an ambitious company. Hopefully the device can bring a greater degree of security to more places in the near-future.

More information can be found at: Sensor Solutions.

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