Bosch launches new 9-axis motion sensor with ultra-low power consumption

Bosch Sensortec just launched a new compact 9-axis motion sensor, BMX160. BMX160 requires ultra-low power consumption to operate so it improves the usage on battery driven devices. So it can be used for applications such as smartphones, wearables and Augmented / Virtual Reality devices.

The new compact motion sensor is offered in a 2.5mm x 3.0mm x 0.95 mm package and it is so far the most compact 9-axis motion sensor that can be found in the industry. This new 9-axis inertial sensor with ultra-low power consumption is definitely a standout on the market and the technology allows it to reduce power consumption below 1.5 milliampere (mA). It is suited for applications that require small form factor.

“By combining Bosch Sensortec’s advanced sensor technologies into a single compact package, the BMX160 sets new industry benchmarks for high performance, tiny footprint and low power consumption”, commented Jeanne Forget, Vice President Marketing, Bosch Sensortec. “This device finally overcomes today’s placement constraints in smartphones and directly addresses the demands of wearable devices, where PCB space and low power consumption are at an even greater premium.”

Credit: Bosch Sensortec.

More information can be found at: Bosch Sensortec.

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