AquaDx water sensor to test for safety of drinking water

Credit: MyDx.

MyDx, Inc., a San Diego based chemical detection company, recently accepts pre-order of AquaDx water sensor for the analysis of toxic chemicals in the water, after its successful launching of CannaDx sensor.

MyDx is a Hand-Held Portable Chemical Analyzer using nanotechnology and consisting of multiple sensors. MyDx leverages the latest electronic nose technology over 2 generations of patented technology developed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and used by NASA. The sample that is loaded in the MyDx device is analyzed by multiple sensors and MyDx can be used to accurately detect chemicals of interest in nearly any solid, liquid, or gas sample as claimed by the company. MyDx have in total 4 different sensors – Canna Dx Cannabis Sensor, Aero Dx Air Sensor, Aqua Dx Water Sensor and Organa Dx Food Sensor.

CannaDx sensor was already launched and it can be purchased through its online shop. AquaDx water sensor is just announced and accepts pre-order now. Together with the other two sensors, AquaDx will be available within the coming months.

AquaDx will show how to test for lead and other harmful heavy metals in water, and detect if there are harmful pesticides in your drinking water. The sensor is portable and battery operated, able to perform real-time detection of toxic chemicals in drinking water and show pass/fail results within 6 minutes.

More information can be found at: MyDx.

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