Analog Devices introduces new optical sensor for gesture recognition

Analog Devices recently announced a new optical sensor, ADUX1020, for gesture recognition. ADUX1020 measures position, proximity and gestures using a single sensor and improves the accuracy and reliability over existing sensors.

Currently most solutions are based on multiple sensors to measure gestures and are often inaccurate. ADUX1020’s single-point sensing capability reduces design complexity and system cost as fewer components are used. In addition, this new optical sensor shows high ambient light rejection and it helps the system with reliable and accurate operation under challenging lighting conditions. Often, ambient light can disrupt a sensor’s ability to measure gestures accurately and reliably.

The new sensor ADUX1020 has a size of 2 mm × 3 mm × 0.65 mm with leadframe chip scale package. And it can be operated under temperature range of −40°C to +85°C. ADUX1020 operates well for gesture recognition with 0.5cm to 15cm range.

More information can be found at: Analog Devices, Inc.

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