An Ultra-compact Low Cost Image Sensor for Automotive Applications

Credit: OmniVision Technologies

OmniVision Technologies Inc. added another milestone by introducing the OV7261 to the world. With their ever growing lineup of high quality products, this launch propels the company a step further as the foremost developer of advanced digital imaging solutions in the world.

The OV7261 is designed with compactness and power-efficiency in mind. The image sensor will find itself in gesture control and driver monitoring applications, particularly in detecting if the driver is drowsy or distracted on the road. These features are now already seen on the latest semi-autonomous cars, and the OV7261 may take these features a step further.

Jeffrey Morin, senior automotive marketing manager for North America at OmniVision, said that OmniVision expects that the driver state monitoring system market will rise significantly four years from now.

Although the OV7261 is less expensive and more compact than other automotive image sensor in the market, the product’s quality will not be sacrificed. This is according to Morin and adds that through the OV7261, driver monitoring will not be limited to high-end luxury vehicles anymore.

The power-efficiency of the OV7261 is made possible through the high quantum efficiency of its LED illuminator at near-infrared wavelengths. With OmniVision’s 3-micron pixel shutter, the OV7261 also boasts of stereo vision pixel-level synchronization in addition to fast and accurate motion capture.

At a size of 3.9 x 3.4 mm, the OV7261 also features 640 x 480 resolution at up to 100 frames per second with a 10-bit RAW image output. The image sensor is packaged as AEC-Q100 Grade 2.

Volume production of the OV7261 is expected to start in the first quarter of next year. OmniVision confirms that samples for the sensor are now available.

More information can be found at: OmniVision Technologies.


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