AMS’ new temperature sensor offers small form factor and ultra-low power consumption

AMS, a leading provider of sensors and analog ICs, recently launched a new digital temperature sensor (AS6200), which offers both ultra-low power consumption and high accuracy in a small package.

AS6200 has a small footprint of 1.6mm x 1mm and can be operated at low power consumption. Besides, the digital outputs of the temperature sensors are accurate to ±0.4°C. AS6200 temperature sensor has a high level of integration and it has a silicon bandgap sensor, an AD converter, a digital signal processor and a serial I2C interface. The high level of integration makes a temperature sensing system possible and makes it easy to integrate this sensor to products with space confinement and power restriction. Other than the small footprint, AS6200 consumes very low power. With a supply voltage at 1.8-3.6V, the sensor only draws 1.5µA at a measurement rate of 1 sample.

“Backed by AMS’ proprietary low-power, high-sensitivity analog process, this results in the factory calibrated AS6200’s industry-best combination of accuracy (±0.4°C, max between 0°C to 65°C), low power consumption and small size (1.6mm2)”, commented marketing manager Christian Feierl.

With this new temperature sensor AS6200, it is possible to implement digital temperature sensing function into new designs without worrying about power consumption and space confinement. Other applications in Industrial process control and Internet of Things can also benefit from this new development.

This new temperature sensor AS6200 is now available in production volumes with unit pricing of US$ 0.62 in order quantities of 1,000.

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