AMS becomes world leader in gas sensing after acquisition

AMS recently acquired Cambridge CMOS Sensors Ltd (CCMOSS) in an all-cash transaction.

CCMOSS, a spin off from Cambridge University, has strong expertise in micro hotplate structures for gas sensing and infrared applications. CCMOSS’ micro hotplates are MEMS structures that are manufactured on silicon wafers, allowing for complete monolithically integrated CMOS sensor ICs. These MEMS structured micro hotplates are used in gas sensors for volume applications in the automotive, industrial, medical, and consumer markets. CCMOSS’ technology offers significant advantages over others like low power consumption, small form factor and the ability to integrate with other sensors.

Besides, CCMOSS also possesses a portfolio of IR technology for high performance IR radiation sources and detectors for sensor applications. The IR sensing capability is also highly complementary to ams’ spectral sensing optical sensor technologies.

Alexander Everke, CEO of ams, commented on the transaction, “The addition of CCMOSS makes ams the clear leader in gas and infrared sensor technology worldwide, and completes ams’ portfolio of products and technologies for the environmental sensor market. This highly strategic acquisition is therefore another key step in making ams the world’s leading provider of sensor solutions for consumer, automotive, industrial, and medical applications.”

AMS has planed to fully integrate CCMOSS’ capabilities into its existing environmental sensor business.

Credit: AMS.

More information can be found at: AMSCambridge CMOS Sensors.

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