New ingestible Sensor Could Improve Your Diet

January 8, 2018 0

Is your diet working? A new ingestible gas sensor may be able to tell. An Australian team has developed the first gas-diagnosing intestinal pill ever to be tested in people. As the researchers report today […]


Plasmonic biosensors enable new health tests

December 13, 2017 0

Researchers at Aalto University, Finland, have developed a biosensor that enables creating a range of new easy-to-use health tests similar to home pregnancy tests. The plasmonic biosensor can detect diseased exosomes even by the naked […]


Breath Sensor Measures Body Fat Burning

November 8, 2017 0

Experts advise anyone looking to shed extra kilos to eat less and exercise more. One way is with endurance training, during which the body burns not only carbohydrates such as sugar, but also fat. When […]


Heart rate sensor, next hot technology trend?

September 27, 2017 0

With the release of iPhone X, smartphone market leader Apple may have announced that fingerprint sensors are out and facial recognition is in as the hot new biometric technology — but that doesn’t mean there aren’t […]


Paper-based sensor can measure glucose during exercise

September 18, 2017 0

A new paper-based sensor patch developed by researchers at Binghamton University could allow diabetics to effectively measure glucose levels during exercise. Today’s most widespread methods for glucose self-testing involve monitoring glucose levels in blood. Conventional […]


Vibration sensor can be used to monitor fetal heartbeat

September 11, 2017 0

Researchers have developed a technique to accurately isolate fetal heart sounds from background noise in acoustic recordings, allowing them to distinguish between different segments of the fetal heartbeat. This technique could potentially lead to non-invasive […]


Sensing how you walk with wireless signals

June 4, 2017 0

We know that blood pressure, breathing, body temperature, and pulse provide an important window into the complexities of human health. But a research suggests that there is another vital sign called how fast you walk […]


Sensor developed to predict fall in the elderly

March 3, 2017 0

Scientists from the University of Missouri have developed a sensor which would predict falls in elderly people three weeks before they occur, alerting medics to changes in a person’s gait and help prevent a potentially […]

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